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Food is not just essential to satiate our palette but for our survival as well. With the growth of processed food elements in society, we have so many options now. But are we getting the fresh taste of these processed foods as claimed by the companies? We have a wide variety of options from sauces to jams and jellies. But are they fresh or have added flavors and preservatives that make them not so fresh?

Well, most food processing plants and companies purchase food ingredients in bulk. And they don’t have the time to sort the bad ones from the good ones. So, all of them get mixed and we are offered ketchup and sauces. However, these are not the only ingredients that are added. There are different salts, preservatives, and artificial flavors that are added to them. So, they lose the authentic taste of the ingredients. So, what is the solution or alternative to these synthetic products?

Madhav Fresh Foods is a company with a vision to provide the best products with the best ingredients with chemicals as little as possible. Madhav fresh has been standing on the four core values that are:

  • Quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Affordability
  • Technological innovation

How their core values impact the products

As the first and top priority of being a fresh ingredients manufacturer, Madhav fresh follows the quality inspection of its inbound ingredients. Be it a lot of tomatoes or cream, each of the ingredients is selected and sorted from the fresh suppliers. Quality is something that you can find at every stage of the company. The company strives for achieving quality through continuous innovation and technological advancement.

The technological aspect is another core value to the company. Most Green Chilli sauce manufacturers use colors to impart that fiery green color. But Madhav Fresh Foods is dedicated to providing the best product without artificial coloring. They add food-grade preservatives that are certified by the medical fraternity for safe consumption. All their products go through a strict quality inspection. And the technological innovation has helped them to channel throughput without compromising on the quality of the products. This is the reason that you will find the authentic taste and aroma of the ketchup and sauces that will satiate all your senses.

The third aspect of core values is affordability. You must be thinking that state-of-the-art infrastructure, fresh ingredients, and other factors may sky-rocket the price of the products. But that’s not the case as they have optimized their costs over the period. You can purchase their mayonnaise or tomato ketchup at an affordable rate.

These ultimately help them achieve their other core value – customer satisfaction.

The current range of products

As of now, Madhav Fresh has the following range of products in its basket:

  • Ketchup and culinary sauces – you can use their ketchup and sauces for your dishes like pizza, pasta, and many more.
  • Culinary pastes – they have a wide range of ginger-garlic pastes in different SKUs. The ginger & garlic pastes have no preservatives with enhanced shelf life.
  • Assorted sauces and seasonings – are you trying to cook something special tonight? Don’t forget to add these assorted sauces and seasonings to enhance the smell and taste of your assorted cuisines.
  • Mayo, dips & spread – use these products with your fried chicken or French fries and you will not seek heaven again.
  • Pickles – they have a wide range of pickles including mango, lime, green chili, and mixed pickles.

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